You have Asked for Wisdom

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In our first reading today Solomon was asked a question by the Lord – “what would you like me to give you”? No doubt many of us could think of a number of ways we could respond to this question, but note the first instinct of Solomon was to ask for the ability to be able to discern between good and evil. This surprising answer is essentially asking for the wisdom of God, or put another way, to be able to see the world how God sees the world.

This is something for us all to aspire to. No doubt we all have prayers and petitions that we want answered, but to ask first and foremost for the gift of wisdom means that for everything we do, we will be putting God’s will before our own. To ask for wisdom will ensure that God will act through the Holy Spirit to assist us in all the decisions that we make, no matter how difficult they might seem. It will affect the way we think and the way we act. Such is wisdom’s importance is that it is the first gift of the Holy Spirit.

Perhaps throughout the week, we can make Solomon’s request for wisdom our own.

Fr Graeme

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