We worked hard all night long and caught nothing….

St Luke’s Gospel (Luke 5:1-11) records rather late in the piece, the call of the first disciples, including some differences from the accounts in the other gospels. St Luke emphasized that the boat from which Jesus preached is “Simon’s”.

St Luke, in this episode wants to emphasis the special position of Peter, as the leader of the disciples, as one who has a special mandate.   Addressed to Peter alone, in the singular,  “from now you will be catching men”.  That is the task of the First Pope: to unite all in Christ.  St Peter’s leadership in the early Church, after the Ascension of Our Lord, is clearly set out in the Acts of the Apostles.  His election has more to do with the establishing of an office of leadership than just electing a single person as Supreme head of the Church.  We as Catholics believe, as believed by Christians right from the beginning, that the Popes through the ages follow in succession in line of this office.  The Papacy is a sign of Unity: in faith, in hope and in moral as a people. As Christ prayed (John 17:21): “May they be one…..” Ut unum sint!


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