Watch Yourselves, or Your Hearts will be coarsened

All three readings for this Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent, suggest ideas on how we should wait for the coming of the Lord: his coming through grace this Advent and his coming at the end of time.

The prescriptions are relatively simple: avoid sins, pray and do not be taken by surprise. Perhaps some of us may have heard this too often and that they are too easily ignored?. The second reading calls for making progress in ‘the kind of life that we are meant to live’: loving God and loving one another.    In the Gospel, our Lord asks us to watch ourselves or our hearts will be coarsened.

Contrast these Advent messages against the “loveless-ness” that of the world’s: violence, hatred, confrontation, polarization, racism…… at home, in our cities, across the world.  Living a world tarnished by sin, it is easy to be part of the world without realising it.  We know we can all do better – we are called to rise above our human brokenness with the help of God’s grace.  Advent is the time to refocus, and to make God’s Kingdom felt again, through the way we live our lives and embrace His teaching.  Advent is a time to pay attention to God coming into the world, and into our lives

                    Come Lord Jesus,                              Fr Michael

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