Unless you repent you will al perish…

Unless you repent you will all perish…..

Kharma is an idea that is found in many religions, especially those in the east. It proposes that our fate and destiny is a result of our previous action. Therefore if someone does ‘something bad’, something bad will happen in return. Although the idea of “Kharma” is not part of the Christian faith, many people, including Christians often expresses in an unthinking way. Or course we Christians believe in the final judgment, and those who do evil may not achieve that final goal in life, which is full union with God……that is not Kharma! We also believe in forgiveness and repentance, and of course salvation. The latter is what God offers us despite our failures. We need to be open to His grace.

In this Sundays’ Gospel passage, we see the idea of Kharma expressed by the people who approached Jesus. Pilate had killed some Galileans offering sacrifices, and he mingled their blood with that of the sacrifice they were offering (…to mock them?). The people thought it must have been the sinful ways of the Galileans that such a thing happen to them. Jesus challenged their wrong thinking.

The thing is, anyone can be harmed by a bad person (like Pilate) or by accidents or natural forces (like the falling tower). We can all lose our lives even if we are good people. But we know by faith that when we die we will be judged by Christ. Therefore, it is vital that we be ready at every moment to give an account of our lives. Twice Our Lord says to his audience and each one of us. If you do not repent you will perish! The tree that does not bear fruit is like the person who is in the state of mortal sin. The first good fruit he should bear is repentance. After that can come many other good works.

The passage is about repentance – not kharma! And Kharma is not Christian. The journey of faith is also a journey of continuous repentance – that we may bear good fruit.

God bless

Fr M

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