Parable of the Two Sons

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus presents us with the parable of the two sons (Matthew. 21:28-32): one, when invited to work in the vineyard, says ‘No’ but later thought the better of it and goes, and another who says ‘Yes’ but did not go.

The son who did not go used the words, “Certainly Sir”.  ‘Sir’, is a word which is also translated as ‘Lord’ (Kyrie).  Jesus reinforces what he said in an earlier episode: “…it is not everyone who says, Lord, Lord, who does the will of the Father (Matthew. 7:21) ”.   Others who have said ‘No’ to God at first (e.g the tax-collectors and prostitutes), but have afterwards repented and done His will, are received into the Kingdom.

There are two important points: Firstly, the son who says ‘No’, repented (or ‘thought the better of it’) afterwards – this is a necessary disposition for entry into the Kingdom.  Secondly, what we profess to believe, our “Yes, Lord”, has no value if it is not translated actively into the action in the way we live and worship.

                              God bless,                  Fr Michael

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