Truly You are the Son of God

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Today’s Gospel is again more proof that Jesus was the person he said He was; the Son of God. In the times of the New Testament, the people understood the seas and lakes as something to be feared. They were a potential for turmoil and havoc that only God could control, as He did in the creation account of Genesis. So here was Jesus doing the things that the people thought only God could do. Hence the confession from Peter – “Truly, you are the Son of God.”

Right throughout the week, we have given examples of Saints achieving what Peter in today’s Gospel had not been able to – leaving the boat and walking all the way towards Jesus. For example, Saint Teresa Benedicta and Saint Lawrence all gave themselves over to a faith that led them to dis-regard their own concerns and safety, a faith that enabled them to stay focused on God and not their own precarious predicaments. Thus when we are truly seeking out God, He will enable us to do to good in a way we never thought possible.

We too should ask for that faith that enables us to cross the ‘rough waters’ in our own lives. The faith that tells us Christ is far more powerful than any force of evil in our own lives. Trust in God and He will lead and protect you!!

God bless, Fr Graeme

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