Thy Will Be Done……

This Sunday is Passion or Palm Sunday. It is a prelude to the three sacred days (the Triduum) of Holy Week in which we commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. Palm Sunday introduces us to what is to follow, giving us an overview of what we are about to experience. Our Palm Sunday liturgy is meant to heightened our awareness and lead us into an active participation of Holy Week, and especially the Sacred Triduum. 

As palms are blessed and the Gospel story (Lk 19:28-40) of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem proclaimed at the beginning of Mass, Jesus is likened to a saviour-king figure, greeted with blessings and praises. The emotions to be instilled are mixed: it is both one of eager anticipation, and a sense of dread.  The readings and the psalm also fit well into this pattern. They move us from joy to suffering. They both highlight Jesus as a Saviour.
St Luke’s account of the passion (Luke 22:14-23:56) is a rich narrative that tells the story of Jesus’ final days, from the Passover celebration of the Last Supper, through Jesus’ agony and trial, to his crucifixion. Luke brings to the fore many human touches in his description but he also sees Jesus as bringing the Old Testament oracles to fulfillment. 
‘Thy will be done….’ Must be  part of a prayer with which we are familiar.  This week, we look at what it really means.                            
God bless 
Fr Michael
P/s Chrism Mass at the Pro-Cathedral, 7.30pm.  At this Mass, the priests renew their vows to serve in their ministry.  We priests feel supported when we have parishioners attending.  There is NO MONDAY MORNING MASS for this reason.

The Sacred Oils will be blessed by the Bishop (Bishop Emeritus Basil Meeking, in the absence of a current bishop), and then brought back for parish use.  Mandy Dempsey who will be Baptised, Confirmed and make her First Holy Communion at the Easter Vigil will collect the oil on behalf of the parish.  It will be good to support her to, with your presence, and with your prayers, and good example as Christians.

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