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The Second Annual Parish Bike Ride – 2017

The second annual Parish Bike Ride took place again in Easter Monday morning. A cloudy and cool start but no wind which is always a bonus! After half an hour of adjusting bicycle seats, swapping bikes and finding the best helmet. (We ALL wanted the dinosaur helmet, but sadly for all of us, Sheila’s head was the only one it fit!). We set off down the cycle path along the Southern Motorway and round the Polo field and A & P Showgrounds then back along the Motorway cycle path to Warren Park for a picnic lunch. Possibly a few saddlesore cyclists
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St Thomas of Aquinas PFG Camping Trip – weekend of 13th/14th Jan 2017

How would everyone like to go camping….in tents….in a campground…..not in the Presbytery back garden??? And a year later we did it!! As usual, our prayers were answered and the weather turned out fine. Eight families arrived to set up on Friday afternoon at Spencer Park, with a range of fairly experienced campers to first timers (who were very excited, but also a little apprehensive). The tents went up with ease, up went the gazebo with tables and chairs underneath, out came the kettle….essential camping equipment. What a great weekend we had…fantastic food, fun on the playground, badminton, bouncing on
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Passionist Family Group Picnic – 30th October 2016

On the 30th October a group of Parishioners from the Passionist Family Groups met at Mona Vale for a picnic. The children played with the Frisbee,and had games of Badminton and soccer while the adults sat around and chatted in the sun. A great day was had by all. A big thanks to Sheila and everyone else to made the day happen.  
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