Preferential Enrolment at Catholic School

In general Catholic Schools in NZ (with the exception of some of the new ones) can only take up to 5% Non Catholics. The 5% is deemed “Non-Preference Enrolment”, while the others are “Preference Enrolment. TO find out more about Preference Enrolment and its criteria, please click here: CRITERIA – pref-enrolment



Parishioners with a child who is baptised Catholic (i.e. fit into Criterion 5.1), and want a Preference Form certified to enrol their child in a Catholic school in the next 18 months, please attend one of the meetings scheduled, (as listed on the back of the Church’s Sunday Newsletter) and bring along the child’s baptismal Certificates.

Please register your attendance at the meeting by using the form (green in colour) found near the Notice Board at the entrance of the Church) or down it from here; Registration for Preference of Enrolment Meeting.

If your child is not baptised then make an appointment for a private interview with the Parish Priest. Contact him either via email or leaving a message on the phone with contact details.