They Recognised Him at the Breaking of Bread….

(3rd Sunday of Easter)


The disciples on the way to Emmaus recognised Jesus in the “breaking of bread”. The expression, the ‘breaking of bread’ or ‘fractionis panis’ is a term used in the Church to refer to the Eucharist. The Catechism of the Catholic Church highlights the various names of the sacrament of the Eucharist, amongst which it is called:

“The Breaking of Bread, because Jesus used this rite, part of a Jewish meat when as master of the table he blessed and distributed the bread, above all at the Last Supper. It is by this action that his disciples will recognize him after his Resurrection, and it is this expression that the first Christians will use to designate their Eucharistic assemblies; by doing so they signified that all who eat the one broken bread, Christ, enter into communion with him and form but one body in him. (Paragraph 1329. CCC).

In the liturgy of the Mass Christ makes Himself known through His word of Scripture and in the breaking of bread. The Eucharist is a celebration of Easter because not only is it a memorial of Jesus’ offering of Himself to the Father but it is also a sign in which we recognise Christ as alive giving Himself to the whole of humanity.

Alleluia He is Risen!

Fr Michael

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