Pray continually and never lose heart

In this Sunday’s Gospel passage (Luke 18 :1-8) Our Lord speaks of the need to pray continually and never lose heart. He gives us the parable of the widow pestering a judge – rather persistently – for justice. Eventually she gets what she wanted. It is very similar to the parable we heard a few Sundays ago – the so-called, the parable of the ‘Importunate Friend’ (11:5-8). In that parable, it was the harassed father of the family disturbed in the middle of the night who had to get up to help his friend because he was persistent. Persistence is the key. It is the same with praying. Persistence is also the key for prayers to be answered. If humans who are weak give in to persistency, how much more would our ‘heavenly Father (who) is perfect’, who is compassionate, and who love us, give in to our persistency. The question is, do we have the eyes of faith to see when our prayers are answered?

Blessings, Fr Michael

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