Parishioners need to own their Parish

In today’s Gospel the “Crowd” brought the deaf and dumb man to Jesus and they asked Him to lay his hands on them.
The Crowd had faith on Jesus, that is why they brought the sick to him. For us today, the word ‘Crowd’ means the Parishioners.
Catechism of Catholic Church No: 2179 says “A parish (Our Lady of Victories, Sockburn) is a definite community of the Christian faithful(Parishioners) established on a stable basis within a particular church (Catholic Diocese of Christchurch); the pastoral care of the parish is entrusted to a pastor (Fr Michael Pui) as its own shepherd under the authority of the diocesan bishop (Bishop Barry Jones).” It is the place where all the faithful can be gathered together for the celebration of the Eucharist. “The parish initiates the Christian people into the ordinary expression of the liturgical life: it gathers them together in this celebration; it teaches Christ’s saving doctrine; it practices the charity of the Lord in good works and brotherly love.”
Today’s Gospel is asking us to take some more initiatives so that “the people”, (non-practicing Catholics and others) might experience the personal touch of Jesus as we are touched in Baptism through the Ephphetha Prayer -“Be opened”.
Let us try to own the Parish. Everyone has their part to play in the bringing of people to Jesus so that, no matter who they are, they feel welcome and part of the Parish community.
May the Eucharistic Lord abundantly bless each and every one of you.
Yours in the Eucharistic Lord…

Fr Sam

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