If you have not warned the wicked man, then I will hold you responsible for his death.

23rd Sunday in Ordinary TIme


Our reading from Ezekiel this week contains some rather heavy language pertaining to sin and death. Not only does it remind us of the seriousness of sin, but also of our responsibility in helping others to avoid it. This can be a difficult task. No-one really likes to approach people to question or challenge their behaviour – in our Gospel it takes at least two people. But rest-assured if we pray to have the persons best interests at heart, then they will come to understand it not as a personal attack but rather as gesture of charity.

In the week ahead the Church asks for an awareness of social justice. One aspect of this week is to make us reflect on realities of poverty, crime, addiction and hostility in our society. The Gospel and our first reading both remind us that we all have the responsibility to play our part in working towards a better society. So today we should ask ourselves – what are some of the ways we can make our society a better place, or who are the people around me that I can help or do more to help?


Fr Graeme

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