Master Do You Not Care?

(12th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
“Master do you not care?” – that is the question the disciples asked in this Sunday’s Gospel (Mark 4:35-41) when the boat they were in was storm-tossed.   Contrast that against the tranquil sleep of Jesus. 
During the storm the disciples failed in their trust in Our Lord.  It was a failure too of grasping his very identity, and His divinity.   After reproving them for their lack of confidence and trust in Him, Our Lord demonstrated his mastery over the elements, rebuking the wind and sea to be calm – and they calmed down. 
There is a glimpse here of the account of Creation in the book of Genesis: when God said, ‘let there be Light’, and there was light.  He is Lord of Heaven and Earth.  What he says….. IS.    At every Mass, this notion is expressed in our belief in the Eucharist.  “This is my body…..”.  What He says….. IS!
The disciples were then awe-struck by His power and Our Lord used this opportunity to encourage His disciples to have trust in Him at all times, in all circumstances.  Later after His resurrection Our Lord would remind them with the words: “Do not be afraid, it is I”. 
In our life’s journey, we will have many situations where everything may appear lost.  As Christians, we must always remember those reassuring words of our Lord. 
                   God bless,  Fr Michael

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