Let What You Have Said Be Done to me….

On this forth and last Sunday of Advent, the figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary appears in our Gospel Reading.   It is the scene of the Annunciation. 

Mary’s true greatness lies in her total surrender in faith to God. When the angel brings to Mary God’s message and asks Mary to become the mother of Jesus, Mary accepts the Divine will with loving joy. ‘Let what you have said be done to me‘.  Her heart was opened to receive the greatest of all God’s gifts, His own Son.  It is for her faith that she is praised by her kinswoman Elizabeth (Luke 1:45).  Jesus Himself makes it clear that her true blessedness is not in her physical motherhood but in the fact that she heard the word of God and put it into practice (Luke 8:21; 11:28). 

As we prepare to welcome the feast of the Birth of Christ may Mary’s words echo in our hearts as we strive to discern God’s will for ourselves – and to do it.

See you at Christ-Mass,

Fr Michael

P/s Please note there is no 5.00pm Sunday Mass, but there are three Christmas Vigil Masses:

6.00pm, 8.00pm and 11.00pm – and 9.00am on Christmas day

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