Know that I am with you always…..

We have a few ‘big’ feast days coming up several Sundays in a row.  This Sunday is the Ascension of Our Lord, next Sunday is Pentecost, and then a fortnight from now, it will be the Holy Trinity (followed by Corpus Christi, when several children will make their First Holy Communion).

There is a good connection between the first three feasts I listed, namely the Ascension, Pentecost and the Holy Trinity.  The Ascension is not simply about the Resurrected Christ leaving us, but it is about His continual presence with us in a new way.  In His incarnate body, and also His Resurrected body, He was confined to a specific space and time.  Before He ascended He promised the coming of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost).  We have His Advocate who awaits and defends us.  The Trinitarian God; the One God, in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is with us and is present in our lives, in the Church and in every space and time through the working of the Holy Spirit.  As Pope Francis once said: “We are never alone: The Crucified and Risen Lord guides us.  We have with us a multitude of brothers and sisters who, in silence and concealment, in their family life and at work, in their problems and hardships, in their joys and hopes, live faith daily and together with us bring the world the lordship of God’s love, in the Risen Jesus Christ, ascended into Heaven, our own Advocate who pleads for us”.

Come Holy Spirit

Fr Michael

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