It is the Lord !!

In this Sunday’s Gospel, we hear that the disciples of Jesus return to their daily tasks as fishermen. Life goes back to normality of them despite witnessing an incredible event – a life changing event. In some ways, the disciples are like Thomas who wavered in his belief (last week’s Gospel). The earlier appearances of the Lord do not seem to sustain them.

Our Lord appears to them again, and after the large catch of fish, the beloved disciple (St John) recognizes Jesus and he says: ‘It is the Lord’. St Peter follows suit and rather unthinkingly or excitedly jumps into the water.

The Gospel message is a timely reminder that sometimes we forget that Our Lord comes to us through our daily work and activities. Often someone identifies and points out the Lord to us like John to Peter. With the recognition of Our Lord however, must come a renewed commitment. As in the instance of St Peter, Jesus calls him to feed His flock. What is He calling us to do?

At Mass our celebration of the Resurrection continues to focus on our call to follow the Lord Jesus in realistic and concrete ways. The Eucharistic is also an affirmation, in faith, of recognizing Our Lord and His Presence, not just in the Eucharist, but in our lives.

May we recognised our Lord in our lives, in others, and most especially in the consecrated Bread and Wine that is His body and blood. After all, He gave us the Eucharist and told us it is Him, His Flesh and Blood for the life of the world. We can only but humbly respond using John’s words: It is the Lord.

May we recognize Him always, in the ‘breaking of bread’.

Easter Blessings, Fr Michael

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