He was lost and is found…

The first reading for this Sunday describes the end of the quest of People of God in the Old Testament to be delivered from slavery and their entry into the Promised Land. They celebrated the Passover to recall and relive – to make ‘present’ the moment of their liberation from slavery by the Egyptians, and experienced the abundance of their new home. There was a cost; the manna from heaven stopped, and they had to work to enjoy their harvests.  The Second Reading speaks of a new creation, and that is cause for celebration. It also comes with a cost: this new creation requires us to be reconciled to God. And it calls us to invite others to reconciliation.

And in the Gospel reading, we have once more the story of the Prodigal Son (perhaps it should be known as the ‘Merciful Father’).  In the figure of the Father, we heard of God rejoicing at the conversion of heart of a lost son.  When as sinner repent, it is really an occasion to heaven to rejoice.  In the parable, the father celebrates in a big way, the return of the lost son, for according to the father, the son “was dead and has come to life; he was lost and is found”.  This is how God rejoices at every repentant heart, at the return of every sinner.

Come to be reconciled at the parish Lenten Reconciliation on 11th April when several priests will be here (see the next page)

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