He taught them with Authority……



St Mark introduces his gospel as ‘the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.’  His is the shortest of the four Gospels – only sixteen chapters as he wastes no time in presenting Jesus to us at the start of His public life.  St Mark appears almost impatient to present Jesus in His public ministry.

Last Sunday’s passage, within the first fourteen sentences, Jesus called two sets of brothers to follow him….., and this Sunday’s passage (Mark 1:21-28) Jesus caused a stir and a deep impression in the people as he breaks with tradition and expels a demon simply by word of mouth.   It was indeed a new teaching backed by extraordinary authority.  Mark does not explain the content of this authoritative teaching (we can turn to Sts Luke and Matthew for this), but highlights Jesus’ deeds, especially the miracles He wrought.  All the cures and exorcisms are signs that God’s power is at work.  Jesus is the Son of God. God’s kingdom is in our midst.


God bless,               Fr Michael

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