He cured Many…

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time


In this Sunday’s Gospel passage (Mark 1:29-39) Our Lord cured many who were sick and those possessed by devils. The cure included the mother-in-law of Simon (St Peter). Fr Graeme often cracked the joke that Jesus cured her because Peter denied him three times….!!

In the Gospels we hear of many occasions where Jesus healed the sick. They are important occasions as they fulfil the prophecy of Isaiah (e.g. see 35:5-6, 53:4-5) that the Messiah, the ‘Anointed One’, the Christ, when He comes, would heal. These events identified Him as the long awaited Messiah. But as it turned out, it was more that what was expected: He was God in the flesh.

The healing is also a demonstration of God’s compassion. The word ‘compassion’ comes from the Latin – compassio(n), meaning ‘to suffer with’. If we want to know what true compassion is, it is Jesus on the Cross where He takes on the sins of the world. That is how he heals creation that is ‘broken’ and tarnished by sin: he suffers with it. Never must we feel alone when we face the evil of suffering and death, for on the cross, He shows the timeless God is with us, suffering with us.

Come to Mass to meet Jesus the healer. He awaits us.

God bless Fr Michael

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