This Sunday’s Gospel (Mark 5:21-43) offers us two miracles that Jesus performs: healing of a haemorrhaging woman and a resurrection of a child. The stories begin with Jairus, a synagogue leader, who comes not to debate with Jesus but instead seeks help for his daughter. What he does is laying his dignity aside, falling at Jesus’ feet and asking for help. The gravity of Jairus’ situation increases when the healing of the haemorrhaging woman takes place. The daughter is dying, has now been declared dead.

The story of the woman is inserted into Jairus’ story with details: She comes up behind Jesus in the crowd with a sure hope: “If I touch even his garment, I shall be made well” (Mark 5:28). And when Jesus asks: “Who touched me?” She does not hesitate to make a confession in the presence of the people. That confession signifies that she is ready to receive Jesus’s forgiveness. After healing the woman, Jesus comes into the official’s house and raises his daughter from death to life.

In today’s Gospel stories, Jesus crosses an important boundary. He meets a woman with a blood flow, and touches the dead. In healing the woman and restoring the girl to life, Jesus confronts and overcomes the power of death itself.

Jairus comes, falls at Jesus’ feet and begs Him. The woman also comes, touches Jesus’s garment and believes that she will be healed. These are actions promoted by faith. Having a strong faith in Jesus enables them to come to Him and they believe that He has the healing power. Their actions encourage us to come to Jesus too. We come and ask the Lord for a strong faith in Him. There are reasons that might hinder us from coming to Jesus and meeting him in the Sacraments. We need to be strong so that not to let those reasons drive us far away from God. Come to God though we are sinners, lowly and unworthy, then we will receive His healing power. He awaits us and will bestow his blessings up on us, lead us to a new way of life, and give us a new future.

Tang PHAN.

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