Do Not be afraid, only have faith….

The first reading for this Sunday (28th June) , clearly tells us that disease and death are anomalies – not meant to be what God originally had in mind in
His Creation. Thus the People of God awaits the Messianic age when these evil things will be set right…..And that leads us into the Gospel.

The Church gives the priest the option to read a shorter version or a longer version either Mark 5:21-43 or 5:21-24.35-43. The longer version contained two miracles performed by Jesus in relation to illness and death. In the longer version, Jesus heals a woman with a haemorrhage and raises Jairus’ daughter from the dead. Both miracles
are signs of the era of the Messiah longed for by the People of God.
Our Lord is revealed as the healing, saving, and life-giving God. The miracles confirmed the Messianic times, that God’s salvation has entered the world. They also remind us of the need for faith if this salvation is to become real in our lives.

May we grow in faith, especially when facing illness and our own mortality.

God bless

Fr Michael

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