Death Has Loss Its Sting…

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time


The second reading for this Sunday is somewhat of a paradox – as Saint Paul writes, “For to me life is Christ, and death is gain.” Generally most people don’t think of death as gain. But this phrase used by Paul shows that thanks to Christ, everything we do here on earth is unified to what happens to us after death.

For Pagan religions back then, death was considered ‘the great destroyer’, and whilst they did believe in some form of after-life, it was meaningless and joyless. But in Christianity, Christ broke down that barrier between life and death. We have become workers in the vineyard, and our work will be rewarded in heaven – death will not stand in the way of this reward!!!

Furthermore, our friendship with Christ that we live here on earth through prayer, the sacraments, and our efforts to build up his Kingdom, are in actual fact the beginning of eternal life!!!    

Fr Graeme

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