Christ the Universal King

This Sunday is the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year, and next week we start the new Liturgical Year (Year A, or ‘1’ for weekdays) by preparing for Christmas with the season of Advent. The last Sunday of the Liturgical Year is always crowned with the Feast of Christ the Universal King.

This Sunday’s Gospel passage (Luke 23:35-43) presents us with a scene that proclaims so powerfully that the Kingdom of Christ is not of this world. By the standards of this world, this king was a failure, dying the most agonizing and disgraceful of deaths which the ancient world could devise. Yet, as Luke describes the event, this sad scene becomes a moment of triumph, the moment when the long journey to the Father. In Luke’s gospel, that journey comes to an end when Jesus entrusts Himself into the Father’s hands. He takes with Him all who are humble enough to acknowledge their need of the gift of the Father’s forgiveness which He has come to offer.

God bless, Fr Michael

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