Do you believe in the Son of Man?

(4th Sunday of Lent)


To be blind is not being able to see. This is ‘physical blindness’. This Sunday we are presented with the Gospel passage about another kind of blindness. There are those who look but do not see – those who have a blindness in their faith, and lack to vision of the heart. Jesus cures a man blind from birth but some people did not want to believe, for believing might make a demand of them. This type of blindness – or ‘selective vision’ – is prevalent. Choosing not ‘to see’ is a escape from accepting who Jesus is, for accepting His identity makes a demand on them. This type of blindness is as bad, if not worse than ‘physical’ blindness because it restricts the means through which God may touch the heart.

Jesus challenged the man he had cured with the words: ‘Do you believe in the Son of Man?’ His response: ‘Lord, I believe.‘

Lent is also a time to improve our ‘vision’ to strengthen our faith that we may say with the blind man: ‘Lord I believe’, but his believing is seeing, rather than seeing is believing.

God bless Father Michael

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