Be Cured!

2nd Sunday of Lent


Last Sunday, we were invited to enter into the desert with Jesus to live the spirit of fasting and mortification. This Sunday’s invitation is going up to the high mountain to be transformed and renewed.  According to Biblical traditions, deserts and mountains are the suitable places where humanity can encounter God. A high mountain is where God dwells.

Going up to the mountain is to leave behind the worldly troubles, noises and desire to unite wholeheartedly our heart and mind with God. In our intimacy with God, He reveals many things, not only about Himself, but also about ourselves.

God reveals Himself by taking us into the life of the Holy Trinity where we will be filled with his Grace and Love. Saint Peter experiences this (Sunday’s Gospel passage: Mark 9:5), so he wishes to build three tents in order to stay on the mountain permanently.  In our intimacy with God we come to understand ourselves better.  We come to know God as the source of our being and we are reliant on God who is a benevolent Father. 

Knowing the truth about God and ourselves, we will have a different view about other people and the world. We will look at others with the eyes of God and we will see the world as if it were transfigured in Jesus. As well, it enables us to realize centrality of God in our lives.

Lent is a time for us to reflect and be united with God more deeply. It is the time when we strive to go up to our daily mountain and be transformed. We can be renewed by coming to God in attending Mass, praying, sacrificing ourselves for others and giving alms.

Tang Phan

(Seminarian on Pastoral Placement @OLV)

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