(1st Sunday of Advent – Year B)

Here we go. The festive season is upon us yet again. Importantly it is also the start of the new liturgical year. Our liturgical cycle this time around takes us through Mark’s Gospel, which scholars believe to be written around the time of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roma

ns in 70.A.D.  During this period Mark was writing to an audience that were living in some tough times, socially and politically. But this was to be expected, Jesus frequently warned his followers that to be a follower of Christ would bring adversity. Furthermore the world would not always be sympathetic to the Christian cause. This is seen no more than in the first century of the Church.

But also for us to remember is that God is always faithful to his promise. Regardless of what adversity we face, there is always a way through. Put another way, there is always hope.

The time of advent is again asking to focus on the hope of God Incarnate – the God that has come to meet us in our despair.  So let advent be a time not only of preparation for the coming of Christ, but a time to reflect on the hope and joy of God’s saving power.

God Bless 

Fr Graeme

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