A Heart to Welcome the “little Children”

A Heart to Welcome the “little children”
This week’s Gospel is inviting us to have a magnanimous heart. A heart that welcomes the ‘little children’. The word “welcome” is translated from the Greek word “dekomai” which can mean “receive” in general, but can also mean, according to the Greek lexicon, “to receive into one’s family, to bring up or educate.”
In other words, we not only receive children, but we also guide or teach them. In this context, Jesus is speaking of guiding a person into the realm where God is the centre of our lives. Jesus is speaking about helping others to love God.
In the CCC No: 1213 it says, “Holy Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, the gateway to life in the Spirit (vitae spiritualis ianua), and the door which gives access to the other Sacraments.”
Let us be more magnanimous towards ‘the others’, to bring them into our bigger family through our faith initiatives.
May Jesus bless our magnanimity.
Yours in the Eucharistic Lord,
Fr Sam

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