Prepare the way of the Lord…..

Prepare the way of the Lord…..

The Gospel (Matt: 3 :1-12) passage for this Sunday introduces the mission of John the Baptist. The Baptist’s life is defined by his one burning passion — to point others to Jesus Christ and to the coming of His kingdom. His clothing is reminiscent of the prophet Elijah (see Kings 1:8) in the Old Testament time. His message is also similar to the message of the prophets in the Old Testament whereby they chided the people of God for their unfaithfulness and tried to awaken true repentance in them.

Amongst the People of God who become complacent, he tries to unsettle them to re-awaken their interest in the coming of the Kingdom of God. His message is powerful in its simplicity: God’s Kingdom is at our door-step, repent, have a change of heart….. He paves the way for Christ. He asks us to prepare. …..

God bless, Fr Michael

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