26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Twenty Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time Year C

Good things came your way….

The above chart shows the incredible wealth the top ten riches people have.  While I do not know if they have been generous in helping others, this Sunday’s Gospel warns us (Luke 16:19-31) what material wealth can do to us: i.e., we can be blind to the plight of others.  We might not be the top ten richest, but most of us are nevertheless much better off than others.

In the parable given by Jesus, the rich man had an opportunity to use his wealth in the service of others, and in particular to help Lazarus who was suffering from hunger right before his eyes while he feasted magnificently.  He chose not to help Lazarus a poor man.  In death, the soul of the rich man goes to Hades and is in torment.  Learning his lesson too late, he wants his brothers on earth to be warned.  But as Abraham reminds him, spiritual truth can only reach those who are open to it. “If they will not listen either to Moses or to the prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone should rise from the dead”

If we are blessed with wealth and health, we must also use our blessings to lessen the suffering of others.  May we never be blinded by material wealth that we forget our spiritual well being, our care for each other, and our eternal calling.

Blessings.                          Fr Michael

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