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Master Do You Not Care?

(12th Sunday in Ordinary Time) “Master do you not care?” – that is the question the disciples asked in this Sunday’s Gospel (Mark 4:35-41) when the boat they were in was storm-tossed.   Contrast that against the tranquil sleep of Jesus.  During the storm the disciples failed in their trust in Our Lord.  It was a failure too of grasping his very identity, and His divinity.   After reproving them for their lack of confidence and trust in Him, Our Lord demonstrated his mastery over the elements, rebuking the wind and sea to be calm – and they calmed down.  There is
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The Kingdom of God is like a Mustard Seed….

(11th Sunday in Ordinary Time) This Sunday’s Gospel Mark 4:26-34 gives us the Parable of the Mustard Seed.  Instead of writing a new commentary, I share with you the thoughts of one of the early Church Fathers, namely St Peter Chrysologous (400-450 AD); “It is up to us to sow this mustard seed in our minds and let it grow within us into a great tree of understanding reaching up to heaven and elevating all our faculties; then it will spread out branches of knowledge, the pungent savour of its fruit will make our mouths burn, its fiery kernel will
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